The Kashmir Files : Review
In the age of misinformation, Clarity is Power.

The Kashmir Files : Review In the age of misinformation, Clarity is Power.
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Clarity is a thing that’s really missing in today’s world and a country where the youth has no clarity will always fail in progressing because without clarity we are nothing confused pieces of meat.

I recently watched “the Kashmir Files” by Vivek Agnihotri and this going to be my review about it one thing is for sure this review will give you more clarity about the movie.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of Vivek Agnihotri because of many things whether it be his extreme views or the way he talks.

So, I was sceptical about this movie, and I was unsure about how and which side Vivek will show this time

this movie was not about whose side is correct and whose is wrong, the movie portrayed how the entire world wronged Kashmiri Hindus and never even talked about it in the daylight, and the whole movie revolved around the Genocide of Kashmiri Hindus and this movie also highlights on many contemporary trends in our country from showing JNU to the current Government.

the movie is shot in a dark color scheme where everything feels sad and depressing which is a really correct frame for the movie because of its dark story and feel.

The dialogues of the movie are in Hindi and in a Kashmiri language, the movie is recommended to be watched with English Subtitles as some dialogues are in the Native Language.

The actors in the film have a done a remarkable job, and the Cast is the Vivek Agnihotri Favorite as he has a good working chemistry with them. Anupam Kher has done a wonderful job with his role.

The main lead has done a wonderful job, and he also has that Kashmiri aesthetics to him.

one criticism that I have of this movie is, the movie tries to portray a Central University in India in a Negative Role, and that’s totally fine but the slogans that students raised in the movie in a way copied the real-life incidents which were later proved false by the court.

in all a wonderful movie, A movie that make an impact on you and will make you rethink about your political and religious ideologies.

That’s something unique because very few movies make that impact now a days and it’s not a movie that is afraid of portraying any community in a bad light.

That is something new in Indian Film Culture.